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Is Anyone Alive Out There?: A Review

The apocalypse is upon us. The world has been torn asunder. Everything is ablaze and as it burns two local radio show hosts are still at work, even though it’s becoming increasingly clear that they’re the only human beings left on Earth. From their basement studio, the main studio above them having been destroyed in the ensuing madness, Noel and Julia continue to broadcast as they search for fellow survivors. Their original semi award winning show called The Interesting Thing About That Is… has now devolved into their new mantra of the airwaves… Is Anyone Alive Out There?

They’re broadcast partners. They’re not lovers. They’re barely friends. Now the pair is living a life without food, water, creature comforts, and other people. As the situation gets worse and worse, the madness becomes hilarious as they do anything and everything to entertain themselves and their nonexistent radio audience. As the main room of Soundlock Studios burned so did its vast record collection. Down in the basement Noel and Julia are stuck with a small collection of obscure vinyl that no one should have to voluntarily endure let alone be forced to listen to over, and over again. They make up their own songs, their own games, they create a cooking show when a rat is caught, and their mini musical of Back To The Future is hysterical.

Is Anyone Alive Out There? is created, written, and performed by the real life multi-talented team of Noel Carey and Julia Mattison. This cabaret and comedy duo is a comedic force of nature. They play off one another exceedingly well and they know how to work a room and a bit. Carey and Mattison also co-wrote all the original songs and music that they perform live and on the various recordings they broadcast. Additional orchestrations are provided by Charlie Rosen. Under the very capable direction of Daniel Goldstein the production moves along at a fast and funny pace, and scenic designer Donyale Werle, lighting designer Paige Seber, and sound designer Tyler Kieffer create a very real world to frame the absurdity.

The production is presented by Henna Silvennoinen for Audible and Erin Day for Gotham Grit Productions. Audible produces and provides audiobooks for their subscribers. They have taken over the legendary Minetta Lane Theatre to produce plays through their Emerging Playwrights Fund. Is Anyone Alive Out There? had a very short run in order for Audible to capture and record the live performances that will be available to download as an Audible Original joining its growing catalog of streamable theatre pieces. Carey and Mattison have hilariously lampooned the very podcasts and downloadable entertainment they’re about to become. It would be nice if Audible would give them a longer run for them to ply their trade. They’ve earned it and the production deserves it.

Edward Medina is an active member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA), where he serves on both the Membership and Diversity & Inclusion Committees. He is also a Drama Desk member. Edward welcomes comments at

Is Anyone Alive Out There

18 Minetta Lane

New York, NY 10012

March 21 - 24, 2019



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