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Diversity & Inclusion Project

The American Theatre Critics Association Diversity and Inclusion Committee is crowdsourcing a list of theatre critics and theatre journalists from across the country who identify as women, people of color, trans, and/or gender nonconforming.  The purpose is to connect this talent pool with those who can provide story assignments and press tickets to national tours of canonical works and to help them build credibility as journalists.  

Joining ATCA is NOT a perquisite for participation, though membership can provide additional support.  With an active and tight-knit community of approximately 250 members, it is the only national association of professional theatre critics.  They are also one of ten organizations chosen to sit on the executive committee of the International Association of Theatre Critics.  Members work for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and, increasingly, online publications across the United States.

The list is divided by region and will include each writer’s name, email address, phone number, current city, coverage area, beat(s), and a link to their portfolio site. Consent must be obtained from each individual before their contact information is published.  ATCA’s goal is to share this list with editors and publicists across the country who are often seeking diverse voices in the field but have been unable to find them through other available resources.

As a proud ATCA member who strives to shine a light on lesser-heard voices, I wholeheartedly endorse this undertaking in order to provide an entryway for budding theatre writers seeking opportunity, professional development, and encouragement. Please email my colleague Kelundra Smith at if you identify as a member of any of the social groups listed above and would like to be included on the list or if you have questions regarding this project.

Edward Medina



Edward Medina is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA) where he also serves on both the Membership and Diversity & Inclusion Committees.

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